Vacuum Equipment Service Company - Field service and parts for the vacuum industry. Factory authorized service for Airco Temescal electron beam guns, power supplies and sweeps. Replacement parts for CV-14, CV-8, CV-10 Electron Beam Power Supplies.Helium leak detector field service, rebuilding and parts.

Schematics and Drawings

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CV-8 Power Supply Schematics

Interlock Cable Connections (16 Pin)

Control Module 26 Pin Tank
Interlock Cable Connections (26 Pin) Power Module 26 Pin Tank
XYS Sweep Controller Control Module 16 Pin Tank
XYS Sweep Power Supply Power Module 16 Pin Tank
Filament Transformer Connection High Voltage Regulator
Earth Grounding Control Module-Simplified
XYS-8 - Simplified CV-8 Manual

CV-14 Power Supply Schematics

Power Supply Control Rack Sheet 2 of 2

Filament Transformer Connections

Power Supply Power Module Sheet 1 of 2 High Voltage Regulator
Interlock Cable Connections (26 Pin)
Interlock Cable Connections (16 Pin) Earth Grounding
XY Sweep Simplified Print CV-14 Manual

ES-6 Power Supply Schematics

Main Power Supply Tube Control PCB
Gun Control PCB Focus Control PCB
Transductor PCB Simplified Tube Control Circuit

CV-10 Power Supply Schematics

Electron Beam Gun Control EGC-1 CV-10 Power Supply Schematic
Original CV-10 Power Supply Simplifed High Voltage Regulator
XYS-10 System Wiring Diagram XYS-10 Waveform Generator
XYS-10 Waveform Generator Layout  


CV-8/14 PC Board Schematics

Gun Control PC Board Layout Long./Lat Sweep PCBoard Schematic
Gun Control Schematic Longitude Focus PC Board Schematic
Transductor PC Board Schematic Longitude Focus PC Board Layout
Transductor PC Board Layout
Long/Lat Sweep PC Board Layout Longitude Focus PCB Print


CL-2A Glow Discharge Power Supply

CL-2A Manual


Versa Vac Gauge Control

Versa Vac Gauge Control Manual


Electon Beam Source Indexer

TRC 3460 Indexer


Temescal Electron Beam Guns

Filament Alignment STIH-270-1 Layout Print
  STIH-270-2M/MB Manual
Magnet Problems STIH-270-2 Manual (Old Gun)

TIH-270 Manual

STIH-270-2M Emitter Assembly
Emitter Parts List (All Guns)

STIH-270-2M Spare Parts List

STIH-270-2M Crucible Rotation STIH-270-1 Manual
TIH-270 Emitter Assy STIH-270-1CK Manual
Beam Size Adjustments STIH-270-2CK Manual
Typical Electron Gun Installation STIH-270-3CK Manual
Split Beam Problem (Bad Bias PCB)  



Telemark Electron Beam Guns






O Ring Sizes



VV 440 Instructions



Series 1000 Valve Series 2000 Valve
Series 2500 Valve Series 5000 Unit Body
Series 5000 Split Body  



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